About Us

Soul House Academy (Formerly The Treehouse) is an Xseed school established in the year 2016 with a vision to provide a quality education that is accessible for every child. As our school Motto states, we aim to ‘Ignite the Extraordinary spirit’ in each child, all children can be extraordinary beings, only when the extraordinary spirit within them is tapped and trained well enough during their formative years. 

Soul House Academy is headed by a Principal who also acts as the Dean of Academic studies and two section coordinators for KG and primary section respectively who acts as a medium between the faculty and students. 

The faculty of Soul House Academy is comprised of a team of qualified, dedicated, and passionate young men and women. Currently, the school has classes from Nursery to Grade 4 with further up-gradation to Grade 5 in the coming academic session of 2023. The school faculty has currently 17 teachers and 5 non-teaching staff. 

At Soul House Academy, we aim to provide the basics that every child needs to develop holistically. Our aim is to make every child that walks through our doors fall in love with learning by engaging through lessons and activities that are fun and spontaneous. The main focus of our classrooms is providing a learning environment that inspires a child to be 
inquisitive and work to their creative potential. 

We created an inclusive environment that acknowledges and respects students from diverse families and cultural backgrounds. We also desire to forge strong positive relationships with parents for a well- round development of the child to become independent lifelong learners and to foster their love for learning. We pride ourselves on nurturing happy and confident children with skills and motivation for continued success and children who care about each other, their community, and their world. We assure “a great sense of belongingness” when your child is under love and care during their formative years.

Soul House academy is pleased and grateful to all the parents who 
correlate entrepreneurship in the building of the future of the children’s today.