Our Curriculum

Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela

Soul House Academy aims to provide an excellent curriculum which includes subjects ranging from English, Environmental Science, Math and Hindi. We are committed in providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced and challenging and one that fosters the love of learning. We match our curriculum to the abilities, interests and aspirations of our students, to give every child the opportunity to strive for personal excellence. 

Soul House Academy follows the Xseed curriculum ever since its inception, based on the affirmation and conviction that school environment and pedagogy for the children of Mokokchung need a transition from the conventional ‘talk and chalk ‘learning. Xseed is a proven and researched based academic program for schools that builds thinking skills and problem solving confidence in children. Xseed children asks more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework 
independently, persists longer in solving problems and score well on tests. 

An Xseed class begins by the teacher clearly stating the learning goal, asks children what they know already, demonstrate an experiment or conduct a group activity and allows children to speak first. They ensure application questions are done independently, fiercely believe in practise and assess and render support each child individually. Besides the Xseed curriculum subjects, the school curriculum also offers Ao vernacular subject as optional subjects and will be providing Basic Computer subject for Primary section.

Literary Day

We invest our time in spending a day in our academic year annually, to promote and inculcate the literary skills of every child. We engage the students in various activities that promote their vocabulary and foster a love for literature.


STEM Day falls on Nov 8th which celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It is an opportunity helping students develop interests and advance in these fields.

We aim to turn challenging subjects into fun activities where every child enjoy learning and explore new heights in STEM.​

Annual Day

Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation and feast and festivity where students get an opportunity not only to present their talents but also receive honours for their curricular and co curricular achievements.

Other School Activities

To complete the education sphere, Soul House academy includes co-curicular and extracurricular activities which includes music class, indoor games, and martial arts and drama as a part of our performing art curricular. 

Having participation and being active in such activities has various positive personal and academic impact on a Childs holistic development and enhances cognitive, motor and social skills.